• serviCEs

      • Dyes and treatments of all types of textile fibers (natural, artificial and synthetic)

      • Specialized in wool and its possible blends with acrylic, polyamide, polyester, viscose, etc. and all the requested components.
    • High quality services

    • Our production processes are subjected to a rigorous quality control to guarantee the best result. We have a laboratory for the study of colors and treatments in which we carefully analyze each service that our clients request.
        • Comb Dyeing
        • We carry out the combing after dyeing, passing the fibers through the Lizosa and then through the Guiles and we obtain a result with a smooth, aesthetic texture and of the best quality.
          • Natural fibers
            Animal fibers: Wool and Mohair.
            Vegetable Fibers: Flax
          • Artificial fibers
          • Synthetic fibers
            Polyester, Acrylic and Polyamide.
        • Flock dyeing
        • Our varied capacity of Autoclaves for dyeing allows us to adapt to any of our clients' needs.
          • Natural fibers
            Animal fibers: Wool, Mohair and Silk.
            Vegetable Fibers: Linen and Cotton.
          • Artificial fibers
          • Synthetic fibers
            Polyester, Acrylic and Polyamide.
        • Vigoureux stamping
        • We are one of the few companies that currently carry out Vigoureux stamping to complete any dyeing that the client requests.
          • Wool
          • Acrylic
        • Treatments
        • We carry out various treatments to protect and enhance the quality of the garment.
          • Chemical bleaching
          • Optical whitening
          • Smoothing
          • Mothproof
          • Preshrunk
          • Flame retardant

      • Commitment and professionalism

      • Our ability to work to tight deadlines, assist with raw materials, and maintain inventory ensures that our clients have a perfect supply chain with full reliance on our services.
        We understand that, sometimes, storage and logistics can be a problem for customers, so we offer the service of storage of raw materials in our facilities to be able to dispose of them according to the production schedules requested.
        • Request more information

        • Contact our customer service department and we will be happy to advise you on your production processes.